I just realised that my last post was my 5oth entry! *throws confetti*

It's surviving!

This is a very very random update. I just wanna record that yesterday night, I dreamed about a Unicorn!


In a pool of blood.

From being knocked down by a train.

... Beats me. I know.

Also, to my musically inclined friends, just wanna share two of my favourite instrumental songs.
Cause I feel so sentimental today. =D

My friend introduced me to this song. Very lovely melody. It feels sad yet very soothing to the soul. I listen to it when I work sometimes. Makes me want to learn the guitar solely for this.

Rylynn by Andy Mckee.

Another lovely piece. Got introduced by the same friends as Bella's Lullaby from Twilight. Yes, Twilight. But apparently it's a well known mistake and the official Bella's Lullaby was actually another piece by Carter Burwell (which is also very nice and sounds very mysterious).

But this piece. The once-mistaken-for-Bella's-Lullaby piece, is even better. Listening to it is like watching a fantasy film and the MV of a little fairy dancing among the flowers in a forest. So gentle and pretty. Makes me smile! And hate myself for not continuing on with the piano lessons.

River Flows in You by Yiruma

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I know I totally suck in keeping promises. I have not updated since July. =P

World Stage has already come and gone. In the end I won tickets! On the very last hour to win any tickets at all! Super lucky. I got to see Wonder Girls live.
+ Katy Perry
+ Tokio Hotel

Sorry Bunkface, the queue outside was sooooooo long that by the time we got in, you've already finished singing and Wonder Girls came on stage liao.

Aside from the fact that the wait between each act was super long (I know I can't complaint though... free concert lol), it was really worth the wait!

Nobody nobody but chu!

Okay, what else... Missed ex-gratia payment at work. DAMN! Better luck next 50 years? >_>

Oh right, the exam... I failed. I wouldn't say miserably but I was so close to passing that it feels horrible. Screw my shooting skills! Waiting for the re-sit in October.

Paramore, Adam Lambert? I would've considered Adam Lambert's concert, which I bet will be very good since he's really theatrical, but I wanna go watch Kings and Queens of Comedy Asia instead. I'm now looking for victims to come with me. Hoho.

Douglas Lim + Harith Iskandar wor. I love Malaysian comedy because we can relate to it so easily... And 3 more comedians from overseas (Singapore, India and Vietnam?) which I bet would be a FUNFUN night!

Oh, how can I forget! I'm legal now! 21 at last. I miss being 20 already. Besides the fact that I think I still can pass as a secondary school student. Thanks to the people who celebrated with me! I knew I ate a lot!

On a more serious note, about work. I'm still deciding.

Stay rooted? Or follow the wind?

And another matter still related to work.

I'm falling. Or I have already fallen. Please?

It's okay if you don't understand them. Just need to let it out.

You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Oh, you make me smile
~Smile by Uncle Kracker

Trying to win World Stage tickets are a PAIN. YOu have to wait a few hours for a chance that might not even appear. Meh.

Paul the Octopus predicts Spain to win tonight. I shall see how accurate he is.

Last Sunday, we finally got Astro Beyond + Recording! Ahh, the HD goodness. But most importantly, the recording feature is so much easier to use now. And AXN in HD. I want Star World and Animax in HD too.

Recently, Lady has been getting greedy. She now looks for human food. She'll look at us and keep pestering us until we give her some of what we are eating. Tsk tsk.

I have also registered for the SC exam in September. Time to start studying all over again!

Till next time!
Lol, I didn't know that some people actually care that I have not updated... so here it is!

Been really busy these few days, many thanks to the financial year ending TODAY. All outstanding papers suddenly have to be done by today. Sigh. THANK GOD ITS JULY!

Tomorrow there will be a major 'change' where I work. New organization structure is going to be implemented and we have no idea how our department would be affected. Apparently our job scope might change a little but I'm not so sure. Actually talking about work is boring and depressing, so moving on-

I really enjoy the company of the bunch of analyst I'm hanging out with. The sad thing is, within 2 months, 4 of them resigned. 3 of them I feel close with. Today was their last day. I wonder how would lunch be like without them. =(

You know what, time passes extremely pass after I start working. I feel that I will turn 30 in a blink of an eye.

I'm turning 21 this year. I really want something big (that's positive, of course) to happen this year. I've been living my life relatively stable and happy for 20 years now. I think that's what made me into a "chill lah" type of person. I want more excitement!

I'm also thinking of cutting my hair short again, like I did last year.

I need to get out more. Please ask me out whenever you are free!

I think I might actually start updating more. It's like when I start typing, I want to do it again.

Thanks peeps! =)
Source: The Star

"They are not just ordinary backyard school bullies – at just 14 and 16, they are already hardcore gangsters and now, sadistic rapists."

"They strike terror among their schoolmates and even the teachers, and residents in the two neighbourhoods near the school live in fear of them."

"She said the boys had even vandalised her husband’s car and thrown stones into her house."

“They also use vulgar words liberally,” she added.

“During one of their drinking sessions, they pelted me with stones when I questioned them. They told me to mind my own business and threatened to assault me,” he said, adding that he gave photographs of the students to the school management but no action had been taken."

"Checks showed that graffiti depicted the gangs’ triad numbers on the walls of the school."

"The bullies also damaged vehicles parked in the school grounds, smashing windscreens and vandalising cars belonging to teachers."

“Happy hour” sessions are on every Friday afternoon next to the cemetery.

"Violent attacks, rapes and drunken binges by schoolboys spewing four-letter words are all common in this school."

"And it’s not just fellow students who are afraid. Residents outside the school are equally afraid of these schoolboy gang members."

If there's something strange in your neighborhood. Who ya gonna call?

Yankumi and Onizuka

I can't help thinking this after reading the articles.

Joking aside, I can't believe teenagers nowadays are so daring. It's sad.

At work, let's just say I didn't get the department I wanted, and I'm alone here. But I'll make the best out of it. =)
Needs ranting session badly!
Went Youtube-surfing and found this:

19mil views must say something right?

The kid even went on Ellen, and got a call from Lady Gaga herself!

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*cleans dust*

Yeah.. sorry for abandoning you my poor lil blog. 24 hours is not enough for me to allocate time 30 minutes for you.

And I'm just being lazy.

Anyway, life at 'work' is so far so good. Technically it's because I've not started work yet. Three weeks work of training done. Another three days next week. THEN I start the work. And say byebye to life.

I have some pretty nice and cool colleagues here. So I am VERY glad that I can actually mix well with most of them. Phewwwww.

The bad thing is that we still don't know which department we will be going to yet. Well, training cannot go on forever. Everyone's gonna have to survive on their own soon. I'm just hoping at least one of them goes to the same dept as me. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.

Here's what I did for three weeks:
7.15 wake up
7.45 breakfast
10.30 tea break
1.00 lunch break
3.30 tea break
6.00 finish class
7.00 dinner

Like 5 meals a day! Hello there kilograms! How long will you be staying? =D
Meals consists of curry, curry, rice, curry, rice and uh... more curry. And some of colleagues have been taking ice cream from the icebox thinking it's free when they suddenly discovered last week that they had to pay for it all along.

Everything else is free, why not the ice cream? Tsk.